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Distribute Updates Without the Headaches

UP2D8 (Up to Date) is a comprehensive utility that enables you to quickly and easily distribute application updates to your clients via the internet. 

Distributing application updates can be a troublesome and time consuming task, and often requires an extra effort on the part of the end user, your clients, to install the updates correctly.  UP2D8 makes distributing updates a simple and easy task, and the entire process is practically transparent to your clients.

UP2D8 gives you complete control over the entire update process - what files to distribute, where the files are to be distributed on your client's network, and also any extra processes (data structure updates, etc.) that need to be performed in order for the update to be complete. 

Your clients can get the latest release of your applications with a single mouse-click, or UP2D8 can be called as a scheduled task to run automatically.  Updates may even be downloaded while the target application is currently running.

UP2D8 manages both the "Author" and "Client" side of distributing your updates.  UP2D8 will also manage the updating of multiple applications with a single installation.   The term "Author" is used to represent the Author or originator of the update.  "Client" is used to represent the recipient of the update.  The Client may consist of a single workstation, or an entire network.

UP2D8 Features:

  • Completely data-driven update process

  • No "packages" to build or script language to learn

  • One installation of UP2D8 will manage the updating of multiple applications

  • Manages the uploading of updated files to your FTP site

  • Automatic selection of files to be uploaded based on the current contents of the FTP folder

  • Provides for the use of a Release Key to control which clients may receive the current release

  • Uses Folder Aliases to allow the author to direct where the updated files are distributed on the Client's workstation or network

  • Allows for the Forcing of an update of any file or files regardless of file date or version

  • Allows for the inclusion of code to be executed as part of the update process.  Code may be executed:

    • Only when the particular file is updated

    • Every update session

    • After files are downloaded

    • After files are distributed

    • Before files are distributed

    • Code may be run as native Visual FoxPro code (UP2D8 PEMs are accessible), or executed via Shell_Execute

    • Parameters may be specified

  • Allows for text (txt, doc, html) files to be included as part of the update and displayed to the client when the files are downloaded or when files are distributed

  • Will automatically register (RegSvr32) distributed DLL and OCX files

  • Compresses files for faster uploads and downloads

  • Uses encrypted file names to ensure files are downloaded on the Client side

  • Optionally encrypts file contents

  • Clients may download files via HTTP or FTP

  • Can be configured to automatically check for updates each time the Target Application is Launched.

  • Updates may be downloaded even while the target application is running

  • Only one workstation on your client's network is required to download the updated files

  • Only files that require updating are downloaded

  • Distributes updated files to all workstations on the network

  • Maintains a detailed log of all processes

  • Easily add HTTP, FTP, File Compression, and File Encryption functionality to your applications by accessing the UP2D8 class libraries

  • Technical Support Included

  • Full Visual FoxPro Royalty-Free Source Code Included

Take a Quick Tour of the UP2D8 user interface, or go to Ordering Information for ordering details or to get answers to any questions you may have.  Selecting Customer Area will take you directly to our UP2D8 Customer forums. 

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