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Ordering Information

UP2D8 Pricing:
UP2D8 is sold as a Subscription to our UP2D8 Customer Area - which contains the latest releases of the UP2D8 Application, source
code, and documentation.  You will also have complete access to Technical Support, as well as other customer forums.

Initial Subscription (1 Year ): $295.00
Renewal Subscription (1 Year):   $149.00

UP2D8 is Royalty Free, and you are not required to renew your subscription in order to continue using the version of UP2D8 you currently have.

If you have any questions about UP2D8, you may post them in the Pre-Sales Questions section of the UP2D8 Customer Area.  You may also download a copy of the UP2D8 Help File, and a fully-functional Evaluation Copy of UP2D8 from this section as well.

To Subscribe:
Simply Register in our Customer Area.  Once Registered, click on [My Account], then [Subscriptions], and click the [Order] button.   Your subscription will be active as soon as your payment is processed.


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